The Strangest Cars Sold New in 2022

Just because a car company stops making something doesn’t mean they stop selling it. Vehicles that have been out of production for more than a year he often continue to be sold to new original owners for a variety of reasons. Many of them are relatively niche products with limited appeal or high prices that continue to accumulate dust in dealer inventories. You can see that it is offered as new.

2022 had some familiar faces but also some interesting additions. This has happened almost every year since the car was discontinued in 2017. Other of his discontinued FCA products sold included two Jeep Patriots and two Chrysler 200s, both of which he discontinued in 2017. Cars, that is, there could have been a whole new generation of Patriots and 200s by the time these cars were sold. An Alfa Romeo 4C was also sold, but that car ended production only a few years ago.

German cars were also popular. Especially BMW. In 2022 he has 5 i8s and his 9 i3s sold. yet does not sell all i8s and i3s inventory. The vehicle’s final model years were 2020 and 2021 respectively. I don’t think that’s all either. It’s no secret that BMW had a hard time selling his i8 in 2014.


Wildcards were offered by Cadillac, Infiniti, Kia and Volkswagen. In 2022 he sold one new his XTS, even though the American luxury brand ended production in 2019. Similarly, Infiniti could sell his Q70. Cadillac.

Kia and VW were a little more interesting. Kia Motors has sold one of his Cadenzas, its large sedan, despite discontinuing sales in 2021. Are you seeing a pattern here? Weird sedans aren’t selling like hot cakes. That theme carries over to his CC, VW’s quirky sales. Production of the CC sedan ended in 2016.this car has been sitting for a long time at least Seven years ago someone chose to buy it. Crepe. I suspect that its successor, his Arteon, will suffer a similar fate.


We’re still skimming the data, but they’re big. We only sold 8 units. All of these vehicles have been decommissioned. But what do you think? Any car sold today that will stay on sale forever? Mazda’s weird MX-30 rings a bell for me. I’m sure there are many more.

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