This 1,000-HP Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Is Brutal At The Drag Strip

A GAD motor-tuned luxury sports coupe battles a series of modified sports cars to see which one is the fastest over the quarter mile.

The Flevo Auto Show in Holland proves that sports cars tuned to peak performance are an oasis for showing off their power and mechanical prowess.

In the latest YouTube video by cvdzijan covering automotive events, a huge set of cars, including Tuned, line up for the race. Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 confronts turbocharger Honda All-wheel drive Civic hatchback.

Foot on the floor, these modified marvels have scored some serious track times and spawned some thrilling drag races.

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Thrilling photo finish of the Mercedes-AMG C63

The first race of the day will be between two of the highlights, the aforementioned Mercedes C63 and Honda Civic Turbo AWD, but these are not stock models. The Mercedes C63 is upgraded by GAD Motors to a crazy 1,000 HP and converted from rear-wheel drive to his four-wheel drive system for increased traction.

Honda Civic by Sneaky Tuning turned this green and black hatchback into a crazy 1,050 horsepower machine. The two side by side and the roar from the engine is the perfect omen to jump off the line. The Civic takes the lead early on, but Mercedes catches it quickly and the two juggernauts are too close to finish.

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Battle for the best Mercedes AMG Drag Race

Black Mercedes-AMG C63 S and white Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic+ about to drag race
YouTube Channel cvdzijden – Supercar Videos

Next up against the C63 is another Mercedes AMG, the E63 S 4Matic+. It also has the same twin-turbo V8 engine as the C63. However, this Mercedes AMG E63 S has a GAD Motors engine performance kit that includes an upgraded turbocharger, ECU by GAD Motors, methanol injection and a new Akrapovic fitted exhaust system with a complete catless downpipe. According to the video, the car makes an even more impressive 1,200 HP.

The two beasts line up for a battle for the best mod Mercedes, but in the first match, the E63 S’s wheel spins, the rear wheel spins, and a cloud of black smoke comes out of the rear wheel as the C63 drives away. send out.

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Thankfully, the two made it straight back to the line of the actual race, this time with the C63 mimicking the Civic’s start in the previous race, but retaining the lead and winning the fastest Mercedes crown of the day. I made it.

The event also featured other great cars such as the 700-HP. BMW Pure turbo M140i and jeep Cherokee Trackhawk. In both cases, the sleek black 1,000 HP AWD Mercedes C63 stepped up and won. BMW put up more of a fight, but the huge power of the AWD Mercedes was able to cross the line first.

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