This Amazing Rally-Ready Dodge Challenger Widebody Hellcat Is Simply Unreal

Digital artist Abimelec Arellano created this rendering of the Dodge Challenger rally car, imagining the muscle car as a brutal and wild off-roader.

One of the best digital renderers. Abimelec Arellano dodge Challenger rally car. The beloved Dodge muscle car has been reimagined as something truly special. It has a nice paint job and looks like it could compete with the best rally cars of today. It’s certainly bigger than you’d expect from a rally racer, but it’s certainly impressive, and it’s not a complete work of fiction.

This Challenger actually has some real life inspiration. Arellano used Wesley Motorsports’ Time his Attack Dodge Challenger Hellcat to create this truly incredible beast. Bigger tires, new lights and a bold paint scheme make this a Challenger that is far from what it was at the factory. The rendering does all this while retaining the features and geometry of the original Challenger muscle car. Of course, the Challenger is a little too big to be a truly competitive rally car. But it would be an incredible sight in real life.

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Updated Hellcat Time Attack livery for Rallying Challenger

The first thing that hits us when we see this car is definitely the livery. The deep blue color is also complemented by an incredible yellow stripe and accents throughout the car. Yellow runs across the front of the Challenger, the center of the bonnet, the roof and the sides of the muscle car. The yellow on the sides links beautifully with the yellow on the top of the Challenger, while the trunk lid and rear quarter remain blue. It is a coloring that will captivate you the moment you see it.

dodge challenger rally car rendering rear quarter side view
Via abimelecdesign Instagram page

The painting is an evolution of the time attack hellcat. Its coloring is white with black and gray throughout. This one will certainly stand out a little more. Our favorite is the rally pod lights on the front of the Challenger. Not only does it look cool on its own, Arellano has body-matching colors. So the outer pair are blue covers and the middle pair is yellow. Matching the body of the Challenger allows it to blend in a bit with the muscle car.

Dodge Challenger gets mechanical modifications to make it rally ready

dodge challenger rally car rendering rear quarter view
Via abimelecdesign Instagram page

Cosmetics aside, the Challenger has a number of mechanical changes. All this helps ensure the car is rally ready. The Challenger is actually a widebody Hellcat, and that’s evident thanks to the bulk of the car. Because, says Arellano. Also important is allowing the Challenger to have his OZ Chrono Evo wheels in the wheel wells and newly lifted suspension.

dodge challenger rally car render front view top down
Via abimelecdesign Instagram page

Mostly stock, but the bodywork has some mods. Mods include a larger, taller rear spoiler, which is also a bit thicker. A roof scoop is also present for a little extra cooling, while the front splitter is shortened. Anything larger than that can cause considerable damage. The cosmetic changes are almost complete with the light pods mentioned a little while ago. This project is very detailed, especially since it’s very unlikely something like this would actually work. But what does a Challenger rally car actually look like?

Challenger Hellcat rally car may not perform at its best

Side view of a rendering of a Dodge Challenger rally car
Via abimelecdesign Instagram page

As Arellano himself says, the idea of ​​a Challenger rally car is rather unorthodox. The Challenger Hellcat is a big car, especially in its widebody form. Almost all modern rally cars are hatchback designs to increase agility in corners. The Challenger can hunker down quite a bit in those same corners. Arellano says it’s an all-wheel drive concept, a must-have feature for any rally car. It may not be competitive, but it will be very exciting to watch.

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I want to see the Dodge Challenger rally car

dodge challenger rally car rendering front quarter view
Via abimelecdesign Instagram page

This concept may not actually work, but I think it would be a really spectacular spectacle. It’s really cool to see this drive through Finnish forests and Monte Carlo hills. It is also used in several rallies in its home country of America, such as the Oregon Trail Rally. Something that most people would love to see. We also have to think about what the engine looks like under the hood of this Challenger. Maybe turbo? Could it be hybrid like the 2023 WRC? That would be very cool.

Source: abimelecdesign Instagram page

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