This Custom-made Flat Rod jeep is India’s first

Customizing and modifying jeeps and SUVs is popular in Punjab. There are many workshops that specialize in modifying jeeps. We have featured many of them on our website in the past. Most of the time, rusty old Mahindra jeeps are usually refurbished to look like new. Many of them also do restoration work. The contents of the remodeling work differ depending on the budget and customer’s imagination and requests. This is a custom built jeep, nicely modified like a flat bar. These jeeps are modified to look like rat sticks and are common in the US market.

This video was uploaded to YouTube channel by Dayakaran vlogs. As mentioned earlier, Punjab is one of India’s favorite states for jeeps, and there are also several modification workshops in the area. One such workshop is Khan Brothers Modified Jeep in Punjab on the Haryana border. They have modified several 4×4 SUVs and jeeps in the past, but this is probably India’s first flat-rod or rat-rod jeep. I’m here.

The Jeep’s chassis and body have been completely reworked to achieve this look. The chassis is extended to the front. The body is wider than the stock Jeep, and the wheelbase is longer. The front wheels were pushed forward and placed outside the body so that they fit into the chassis extension. The chassis is strengthened and the battery pack is installed under the metal part of the extension. The Jeep’s body resembles a Willys, but it’s not. The headlamps are an aftermarket unit with his pair of auxiliary lamps on the front of the Jeep.

The Jeep was fully lowered and the suspension for this Jeep was taken from Mahindra Scorpio. Front disc brake, rear drum unit. The steel rims have been replaced with wide looking chrome aftermarket wheels. The wheels are equipped with 31-inch thick-looking off-road tires. The engines in this Jeep are not the same. The original engine has been replaced with a 2.4-liter Toyota diesel engine. The video clearly states that these jeeps do not meet national safety standards and are therefore not road legal. am.

Then the video shows the inside of the Jeep. It’s a two-seater jeep with custom seat covers and an expensive audio system. The speakers, subwoofer and amplifier are all located under the rear seats and completely enclosed. The finished product looks very nice and is sure to attract a lot of people on the road. The workshop will take around 4-5 months to complete this project and cost around Rs.7-8 lakh.

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