This Epic 1994 Honda Civic Hatchback Mixes Old-School and New Cool

Thirty years into the present and the 1992-95 Honda Civic launches, this is arguably the most popular choice to change the entire 11th generation chassis pedigree, and most modern builds have , contains some fixes along with the changes. With that in mind, builders have to make tough directional decisions when choosing between the correct approach of the time and the option of adopting a more modern style. Or if it’s something like Roger Dejesus, combine elements from both sides.

When Roger received this 1994 Si from a friend six years ago, he knew a lot of time and money would be invested in converting it into a capable tram. “My friend Rick had it for over ten years before selling it to me as a roller. It was painted about fifteen years ago and sat for a long time.” Whenever I had time, I would complete the interior or deal with the car’s wiring.

Eager to get the car up and running, Roger went back and forth between going the classic B-Series route or preparing the bay for the more modern K-Series. I wanted one, but it had some new technology and parts,” he says. For the old-school part of that formula, the B20 VTEC combo was put together, but it’s an interesting shaft-driven supercharger that has the older crowd reminiscing about the old days and the younger enthusiasts scratching their heads.

Today, supercharger kits are typically based on Rotrex units, but decades ago Vortech took one of their off-the-shelf units and placed them on the transmission side of the DC2 Integra and EM1 Civic, with the shaft running sideways. used. Just above the header is the engine, connected to the drive unit mounted right next to the cam gear. The system boosted horsepower and was praised for the instant torque that Honda’s B-series are known to lack.

Vortech B-series kits are a rare sight these days, but Roger was determined to track down one. “I’ve had some notchback Mustangs in the past and one of them had a Vortech, so I wanted one for this engine. Finding one for the B-series is no joke. No, everything was either broken or missing parts, but I finally got lucky and found this on OfferUp.” Originally installed on his B20 VTEC, this The kit brought up to 260 hp of power, but it wouldn’t last long as it would finish as soon as the stock block called it.

Before the downtime, Roger was dealing with cooling issues and a heat soak that seemed to be plaguing the boosted engine bay. We talked about it on and everyone’s input helped us get to the setup we have now.” That setup now relies on an electric water pump replacing the belt-driven unit, and a custom water-to-air system , manufactured by TwoStep Motorsports with HL Customs water tanks and heat exchangers. With these changes, cooling issues are a thing of the past.

To replace the blown CR-V engine, the GS-R block was fitted with LS cranks, custom Traum pistons and Eagle rods for up to 1.9 liters of displacement. Additional period-accurate wares can be found in the form of Edelbrock Victor X intake manifolds and throttle bodies, but modern touches include the aforementioned Includes manufacturing work and coil-on-plug conversion. With Hondata’s S300 allowing for fine tuning and KV Tuned behind the laptop, the supercharged combo is good for 391 hp with 235 lb-ft of torque. This car appeared in last year’s THIS vs. THAT and proved its worth in a rear-wheel-drive Turbo K20 EJ hatchback.

For the past few years Roger’s EH has kept a relatively stock exterior except for the rear wing, but he recently decided to make some changes. He adds: After discussing it at my house one day, I took the kit out of the box and started a test fitting. Thanks looks good — he was right. “

The Mode Parfume parts haven’t strayed too far from Honda’s original intentions, but a reshaped bumper with an integrated lip and carbon fiber splitter updates the front end. MP’s EK-style side skirts replaced his rounded OEM parts, angular hatch wings reshaped the rear look, and a pair of carbon mirrors bolted into place . It gets the same Desert Sage metallic paint as when the car was purchased, and the front is refreshed to welcome a new front bumper.

In the years Roger has improved the car in almost every way, the suspension has been completely revamped, including a switch to PCI spherical bushings across the rear of the car, ASR sway bars, traction bars, roll bars and custom R Fab. bottom. shock tower bar. Front braking is addressed with Wilwood calipers and rotors, and GS-R calipers are also used at the rear with Wilwood rotors.

While maintaining a highly accomplished street car, the Roger’s interior is kept simple and classy, ​​replacing the original Si seats with Recaro SR4 Tomcat buckets and Momo wheels to reduce strain on the factory wheels. increase. The S2000 cluster brings analog gauges to a more contemporary digital status, while custom pedals and shifters from R Fab add to the look and feel of the driver.

Restomod Civic builds are all the rage and Roger has found a way to connect the past with the present. It’s a recipe that’s been done over and over again, but it’s the execution that sets his build apart.

engine B18C1 1.9L stroker; Innovative mount. B18B 89mm cranks; Traum 12:1 82mm pistons; eagle rods; ARP 8740 head studs. Cometic .030 head gasket; Supertech titanium retainers, valve springs. 3 Angle Race Valve Job Skunk2 Pro 1 Cam, Cam Gear, Mega Power Exhaust. 1320 4-1 header; Vortech supercharger, blow off valve; Two Step Motorsport Custom water-to-air intake system. Edelbrock Victor X intake manifold, throttle body. HL Customs water storage tank, heat exchanger. Meziere electric water pump; 255lph fuel pump x2; full blow dual fuel pump hanger. FIC 1000cc injectors; Speedfactory Racing coil-on plug plate, distributor removed; accelerator coil; billet valve cover; Downstar Inc. hardware. Hondata S300 V3

drive train B18C1 transmission; comp twin-disc clutch, flywheel. M Factory LSD; R Fab shifter plates; Energy suspension bushings; S2000 brake master cylinders; Chase Bayes clutch lines

suspension BC Racing coilover. ASR subframe braces, front/rear sway bars. PCI camber kit front/rear, spherical rear LCA, trailing arms, toe links. Blox front traction bar.Auto power roll bar; R Fab shock tower bar

braking Removed Wilwood front calipers, front/rear discs and brake master cylinder booster. GS-R rear caliper; Chase Bays brake line tack kit.stainless steel brake line

wheels & tires Volk Racing TE37SL Superlap Edition 15×8.0 +35; Commonwealth 595RS-RR 205/50

exterior Desert Sage metallic paint; Mode Parfume front bumper, carbon splitter, carbon side skirts, rear wing, carbon mirrors.Sabon carbon bonnet and hatch

interior Recaro SR4; JDM ITR rear seat. Momo steering wheel; Spoon sport horn button, shift knob. NRG short hub, quick release. R Fab foot pedal, shifter. S2000 Gauge Cluster; Circuit Hero Footrest; PLM X Bar; Pioneer Double Din

thank you Thanks to Henry @twostepmotorsports for always helping me with any questions I might have with engine build issues. Kevin Valdez @kvtuned, thanks for this song and always solve my car fuel system problems. Jeremiah and Emmanuel @HLcustoms, thank you for all the support you guys have done for me. If you live in Bakersfield and need a great job, contact them. Jon and Josh @churchofLS are two of his most down-to-earths and always supportive. thank you. Say hello to CLK boyz. Finally, knowing that my kids and girlfriend have always been supportive of this hobby that takes so much time away from them, and that I will always be there for them 100%. I would like to thank you.

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