This Race Car Maker Is Launching Its Own EV Hatch

  • Race car maker Vanwall plans a sporty electric hatchback with a slightly retro look and up to 580 horsepower.
  • The EV hatch will come in two variants and boast up to 280 miles of range on a full charge.
  • The planned electric model will go into production with 500 units, which will be a low-volume, handcrafted effort and offer exclusivity to buyers.

    If you’re familiar with F1 history, the name Vanwall will certainly sound familiar, but most EV fans won’t. Founded by Tony Vandervell, the British team competed briefly in the 1950s before making a comeback to the racing world a few years ago. The Floyd Vanwall Racing Team currently plans to compete in WEC 2023 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but also wants to enter the EV market.

    means No The most obvious candidate for deploying an electric performance hatch with a cyberpunk exterior. I’m here.

    The planned hatch features a boxy shape with aggressive flares in addition to the C-pillar scoop, similar to the Lancia Delta Integrale rally car of the 1980s. The rectangular LED headlights certainly help with that resemblance, but the wraparound, integrated taillight assembly adds even more to the cyberpunk aesthetic. The hatch is fitted with 22-inch wheels and a large carbon fiber front splitter and rear spoiler add to the average look of the design.

    Vandervell plans to start production in two variants later this year.


    “From a styling design standpoint, the front of the car has very bold, geometric lines, with aggressive fender shapes that incorporate large cooling system air intakes,” the company said.

    The company plans to offer the EV hatch in two main flavors at launch, with the Vandervell S promising 380 horsepower with power sent to all four wheels and a range of 450 kilometers (280 miles) on a full charge. achieve cruising distance.

    The company says the hatchback can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds. quick Despite its recent launch time, it’s not exactly industry-leading. The sportier Vandervell S Plus dials up power to 580 hp, offering a range of about 260 miles and his 3.4-second start-up time. The latter version has a top speed of 165 mph, while the former is limited to 115 mph.

    Vanwall plans to build just 500 of these with a starting price of €128,000 (around $138,600), so these figures paint an interesting picture of what promises to be a curious car. The company plans to start production of hatches at its own factory in Grading, Germany, in the third quarter of this year.

    However, Vanwall hasn’t shared battery specs or other powertrain information, but there are quite a few EV components available from suppliers at this time. The company also doesn’t share interior renderings, only promising materials like carbon fiber and leather with many stylistic nods to motorsport.

    2023 vanwall vandervell render

    Planned hatchback won


    “Vanwall’s goal is to be able to deliver a unique new generation of vehicles, high quality, superior performance, to be developed as far as possible, and to be able to convey the strong passion that drives the Vanwall Company,” he said. Dr. Colin Kolles, Managing Director of Vanwall GmbH. .

    You may now be wondering what the potential audience for such an EV will be. A slightly retro hatch, impressive if not staggering numbers and he’s a six-figure price. If the production plan goes smoothly, the electric hatch will become a niche product in his EV market in Europe, and the company is committed to meeting customer requests regarding interior and exterior colors and other details.

    The planned production of 500 certainly recalls the efforts of British low-volume manufacturers such as Bristol and TVR. This is probably Vanwall’s goal in this area.

    Is Vanwall doing anything with its sporty electric hatch? Or is the demand for something like this too niche? Let us know in the comments below.

    Jay Ramey grew up around very strange European cars and instead of looking for something reliable and comfortable for personal use, he has been drawn to the more adventurous side of the reliability spectrum.

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