Three injured in crash – Southern Standard

Three people were injured in an overturned SUV on Tuesday night.

Around 5:30 pm on Tuesday, I received a call to dispatch regarding the crash on S. Chancery St. and Vervilla Road. Lieutenant Jody Cavanaugh was the first to appear.

According to Cavanaugh, McMinnville resident Tiffany Garrett, 34, drove her black 2008 Chevy Tahoe west on Morrison St. and attempted to cross the S. Chancery St. intersection.

Morrison resident Abby Bond, 26, was driving her 2011 gray Jeep south on S. Chancery St. As Bond entered the intersection, the jeep crashed into the Tahoe, causing the Chevrolet to roll over. When Cavanaugh arrived at the scene, he found the jeep in the middle of a north-facing intersection with Tahoe lying on the passenger side.

Garrett, Bond and all three Tahoe passengers were transferred to Ascension St. Thomas River Park without life-threatening injuries. Patrolman Mark Mara said: “We feel that seatbelts were used and airbags were deployed to prevent further injuries, especially in the overturned vehicle.” “Neither driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol,” he added.

Bonds reportedly admitted to ignoring a red light. Mara said, “Fortunately, there was a witness who helped confirm that Mr. Bond fled the red light.”

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