Three Taken To Hospital After Accident In Sheldon –

Sheldon, Iowa – An accident occurred in Sheldon on Monday night, January 23, 2023, leaving three people in the hospital.

Around 7:30 p.m., 48-year-old Timothy Lynn of Sibley was driving a southbound 2002 Jeep SUV down Ninth Avenue, about four-tenths of a mile east of the downtown area, according to the Sheldon Police Department report. was doing. They say Sheldon’s 18-year-old Regan Fisher was heading west down her 7th Avenue in her 2016 Kia sedan.

According to reports, Lynn entered an intersection and the driver’s door was hit by the front end of Fisher’s car. Lynn’s jeep was pushed west by the impact and stopped in the parking lot above the hydrant, breaking it on the ground. Fisher’s car turned his 180 degrees and stopped facing east on 7th Avenue. His two people in the Fisher vehicle were identified and released by paramedics. Rescuers unloaded the two of him from his SUV in Lynn.

SCAT drove Lynn and her passenger to Sanford Sheldon Hospital. A Fisher car passenger was brought to Sanford Sheldon by a family member.

Linn’s Jeep SUV suffered $5,000 in damage and the entire vehicle was damaged. Fischer’s Kia sedan also suffered $5000 damage. A fire hydrant owned by the City of Sheldon suffered $2000 in damage.

Fischer was charged with not giving up priority. The intersection is uncontrolled and lacks stop signs or other traffic control devices.

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