Top 2022 stories covered by Automotive News

In 2020, we met COVID-19.

Last year was all about microchip shortages.

In 2022, there was not a single ongoing story that would dominate the automotive industry.

Instead, we’re back to many of the topics that automakers, dealers and suppliers have been talking about before they sidetracked for so long.

  • Electric vehicles — and many more.
  • Self-driving cars — not a big deal yet.
  • The Future of Franchise Dealers — Despite the best efforts of Tesla and Carvana, this is still an issue.
  • And of course, the ubiquitous Elon Musk has yet to produce the cybertrucks and robotaxis he said were imminent before COVID.

As a result, this was the first time since the calm days of the last decade. car news I wasn’t immediately sure what to think of this year’s top stories. Lingering inventories and shortages? Transition to EV? Michigan defeated Ohio again?

So, for the 70th year in a row, I voted for the staff. Drama-filled talks in Washington have emerged as the biggest news of 2022 by just one point. Here’s a summary of the top 10:

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