Toyota Recalls 1400 Units of Glanza and Urban Cruiser HyRyder over Faulty Airbag

Last update: January 26, 2023 at 4:14pm IST

Toyota Granza (Photo: Toyota)

The Toyota Granza and Urban Cruiser Highrider were recalled as part of a precautionary measure against a potential airbag controller defect.

Toyota has reportedly announced a recall of as many as 1,400 vehicles in India. The recalled units include the Glanza hatchback and Urban Cruiser HyRyder SUV. The Japanese automaker has issued a recall due to a defective airbag controller in these units.

The recall affects Glanza and Hyryder models manufactured between December 8, 2022 and January 12, 2023, according to the company. Toyota assures its customers that any defect in the airbag controller will be resolved free of charge. Airbag controllers are replaced on both the Granza and Urban Cruiser his Highrider.

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Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by their Toyota dealer for vehicle inspection. The owner can also use her VIN number on the car to check if her vehicle is affected from Toyota’s website. It’s worth noting that Toyota asked owners to minimize use of the affected vehicle before replacing the airbag controller.

Toyota’s move comes after Maruti Suzuki recently announced a recall of Toyota’s sister models, the Grand Vitara and Baleno. Toyota has a global partnership with Suzuki, sharing technology and models. Toyota’s Urban Cruiser High Rider SUV and Granza Hatchback were developed as part of this alliance.

The Urban Cruiser High Rider is based on Suzuki’s Global C platform and shares its foundation with the second generation Maruti Suzuki Brezza. The Toyota Urban Cruiser High Rider is available with his two engines: Maruti Suzuki’s four-cylinder K15C petrol engine and Toyota’s own powerful hybrid engine.

The Granza, on the other hand, is Toyota’s premium hatchback, essentially a rebadged Maruti Suzuki Baleno. The powertrain is powered by his all-new 1.2-liter K12N naturally aspirated petrol unit that develops 90hp and 113Nm. In addition, Toyota has abolished the CVT (automatic) option in the new Granza and changed to a 5-speed AMT.

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