Toyota to launch 5 more EVs in Europe by 2026

BRUSSELS — Toyota plans to launch five additional fully electric vehicles in Europe under the bZ sub-brand by 2026, in addition to the bZ4X midsize SUV.

Toyota Motor Europe head Matt Harrison said the first model will be a small car coming next year. car news europe At Toyota’s Kenshiki Forum in Brussels last week. The car he will be an SUV, said another source within the company.

Toyota launched the bZ4X this year after focusing on building a range of full-hybrid models to meet EU emissions targets. It also sells all-electric vans made by Stellantis, but branded by Toyotas.

Toyota’s confirmation that it will expand its lineup of all-electric passenger vehicles “shows our clear commitment to battery electric vehicles,” Harrison said. His upcoming bZ line-up will include small and compact SUV/crossovers as well as three larger models. The bZ model is sold internationally.

At the Brussels event, Toyota showcased the bZ compact electric SUV concept, which was first shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

The concept previews vehicles in the compact SUV segment slated for 2025, according to people familiar with Toyota’s product plans.

With an overall length of 4538 mm, the bZ concept is at the top of the compact segment. The production version will most likely be sold as the bZ3X.

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