Toyota’s Czech plant to halt production during February

PRAGUE – Toyota’s Czech plant will halt production in February amid parts shortages.

“Due to parts shortages in our supply chain, we will be forced to temporarily suspend production from January 31,” factory spokesman Tomas Paroubek said on Tuesday.

Toyota last year increased production at its Chorin plant, about 60 kilometers east of Prague, by 35% to 202,255 vehicles.

Alongside the small hatchback Yaris, the factory also builds the new Aygo X Mini Crossover.

Since taking full ownership of the plant in 2021, Toyota has invested over €180 million in expanding the plant for production on the Toyota New Global Architecture B platform. It was previously a joint venture with PSA Group.

The Czech economy is heavily dependent on the automobile industry, which has overcome supply stagnation and is recovering, supporting an economy suffering from high inflation.

The Czech Automobile Industry Association reported that overall production increased by 10% last year to 1.2 million vehicles, led by Volkswagen Skoda. Hyundai also has a factory in the country.

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