Truck driver’s dangerous act in dashcam crash with Jeep

Viewers who saw a gruesome video of an overtaking jeep colliding with a truck drew their attention to a questionable detail in the clip.

A driver in a black Jeep Wrangler tried to pass him as the truck was driving down a quiet road in the rural town of Manjimup in southwest Western Australia.

However, the jeep ran out of time to carry out the maneuver and found another car heading straight towards them.

The Jeep driver, who appeared panicked, began to cut in front of the truck prematurely and eventually pulled off the road after being pushed along the road by the bumper.

The footage was shared on social media by Australian Dash Cam Owners on Monday and has since been scrutinized for one problematic detail.

As the Jeep began overtaking, the truck gradually increased from 55 to 75 km/h before squeaking to a halt.

Some speculate that the truck driver was deliberately trying to make it difficult for the Jeep to pass him.

The truck driver has faced heavy criticism from viewers of the video for speeding while being overtaken.

“What was that truck driver doing? Just reckless behavior,” said one respondent.

“The Jeep was not able to judge the path correctly because the truck accelerated,” claimed another.

“He would have seen the Jeep beside him for about 30 seconds at the speed it was running. It was clear,” said one-third.

“Trucky was reckless and should have braked to avoid the jeep, but he didn’t,” someone else said.

However, some thought it was ridiculous that the blame was placed on the truck driver.

“Poor judgment. Jeep had plenty of time,” wrote one.

“If you’re trying to pass someone, don’t complain when they’re driving below the accelerated speed limit. The jeep driver was impatient and stupid,” said another. rice field.

“Why on earth are people blaming truck drivers?” someone else added.

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