Tyler Posey on Returning As Scott McCall in ‘Teen Wolf: the Movie’

Tyler Posey may not be a teenager or a wolf, but since he donned Scott McCall’s maroon No. 11 lacrosse jersey over a decade ago, his life has gone on just like Scott McCall.

“Scott and I have always followed similar trajectories since the show began, because in the first episode he was bitten by a werewolf and his life changed,” Posey told Insider. “Getting ‘Teen Wolf’ changed my life in a different way, but we were still on the same wavelength.”

Jeff Davis’ “Teen Wolf” had all the ingredients for success when it premiered in June 2011. There’s an altruistic protagonist who spends his teenage years under extraordinary circumstances, a cynical but extremely adorable sidekick (Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles Stilinski), and a high school romance. , vampires, werewolves, and other dangerous but fascinating creatures abounded in pop culture, and supernatural events abounded (“Supernatural,” “True Blood,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and of course see ). Twilight”).

The series transformed Posey from a child star into a heartthrob. Her face has appeared on the Times Square billboards and her presence has made her such a star at her San Diego Comic-Con that she attracts hundreds of fans.

With seasons passing, various cast members exiting the show, and new actors joining, it was “Teen Wolf” that Posey took responsibility for leading the TV show.

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall in Season 1 "teenage wolf."

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall in Season 1 of Teen Wolf.


And while Scott became a true Alpha and tried to keep his friends and family alive in Beacon Hills, Posey was witnessing the death of a loved one in real life.

His mother, Cindy Garcia, died of breast cancer in 2014 at the age of 55. Her Posey was 23 at the time, and her season 5 premiere of ‘Teen Wolf’ was dedicated to her.

“I dealt with death at a young age, and we were preoccupied with Beacon Hills,” Posey says of the similarities between himself and his character. I worked in the Hills, he lived in Beacon Hills, until Teen Wolf stopped, really digesting everything that had happened in my life for the last 20 years, feeling sad, how It didn’t take long for me to learn how to grieve, to relive it all, to understand who I am now.”

“He finally had time to just sit back in his life and, for the first time, really acknowledge, accept and deal with what happened.” He and I are in a very similar situation.

Scott finds himself on the same page as Posey at the beginning of Teen Wolf: The Movie, which picks up about 15 years later and lands in Peacock on Thursday.

Scott, now in his early 30s (like Posey in real life) and working as a veterinarian in LA, feels wistful and lonely and wants to get rid of the distraction of “trying to save everyone and be a hero.” Also, I left Beacon Hills a while ago. ‘ explains Posey.

“He and I are very similar in that we are both traumatized, but we are very attuned to who we are.”

While “Teen Wolf: The Movie” will bring back numerous characters from the original show as Scott and his Puck team defeat the menacing threat of Beacon Hills, many fans believe the movie However, Posey noted that O’Brien’s presence in the final season was reduced due to scheduling conflicts with “The Maze Runner: Death Cure.” (O’Brien told Entertainment Tonight at the time that he had no contractual obligation to appear in Season 6.)

“I don’t think he’s been on the show for the last year and a half, so he’s used to having the weight of the show on his shoulders. Anyway, that’s what I’ve always wanted.” I wanted to maintain morale and carry the weight and responsibility of doing a good job and still maintain this really fun work environment.”

“So it wasn’t a shock, it wasn’t that different, but it’s always nice to have Styles with me,” he adds. lives on and helped shape this show.”

teen wolf styles scott

Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey played best friends Styles and Scott in “Teen Wolf.”


O’Brien doesn’t appear in ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’, but Styles’ beloved Jeep is back and is always in the story. “Memories just come back” when you remember what you shot.

“Dylan learned how to drive a stick in that Jeep. The Jeep is three times older than us,” he says. was terrifying. He didn’t have much of it.”

“There was a moment when we had to start on the hill and they made an action and he hit the gas but we rolled backwards and we both screamed and he hit the brakes. “When you cut it, you’re like, ‘I’m going to die for this thing! ‘” Posey continues. I have a lot of really great memories and really fun moments from.”

He still lives on in our hearts and helped shape this show. Tyler Posey on Dylan O’Brien’s absence from ‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’.

However, while Crystal Reed is back, her character, Alison Argent, was killed off in the season 3 finale of “Teen Wolf.”

Posey says he and Reed connected on a different, more spiritual level as adults because of similar routines such as morning meditation.

“Everything is calm,” he says. “I’m a little more calculated. I’m more present in every moment.”

Tyler Posey as Scott, Vince Mathis as Eli, Crystal Reed as Alison "Teen Wolf: The Movie."

“Teen Wolf: The Movie” stars Tyler Posey as Scott, Vince Mathis as Eli, and Crystal Reed as Alison.

Curtis Bonds Baker/MTV Entertainment

As the film’s producer, Posey says, “I was able to step up and give advice and give my two cents without pushing my limits.”

“I’m just raising the voice of reason in the cinematic madness of ‘Teen Wolf,'” he said, adding that he’s come to work in a supportive manner. It even took on the position of a real-life mentor to Vince Mathis, who plays Eli, the 15-year-old son of Hale (Tyler Hoechlin).

“I really took Vince under my wing. He and I had such a great time,” Posey said, adding, “He’s still new in the industry and he reminds me of myself. I was allowed to.

Posey specifically wanted Mathis to understand that despite the show being a big deal to its fans, the cast still had fun and didn’t take it too seriously. And you wanted to show that none of us are selfish, right?”

Sequel films raise the inevitable question of “will there be more?” It’s up to Posey.

“I hope there are more ‘Teen Wolf,’” Posey repeats. “I really think so. I want to do it fairly. I want to do my fans justice and give them exactly what they want and I want to keep doing that and be really excited about the future. If that means protesting Paramount+ for wanting the show to continue, then so be it.”

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall "Teen Wolf: The Movie."

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall in the movie “Teen Wolf”.

Curtis Bonds Baker/MTV Entertainment

But even if Posey isn’t ready to say goodbye to Scott just yet, not all characters will live to see another “Teen Wolf” spin-off. To deal with many leaving the show and many beloved characters dying. ”

“Growing up, I’m sure you, me, most of the fans have dealt with someone dying. I think that’s what we need to portray,” he explained, adding, “Love I’ve dealt with human death, and I love portraying it on screen and making it resonate with people, it’s just another way to make the world seem less scary and less lonely We are going through what other people are going through.”

“But ‘Teen Wolf’ is known to bring everyone back from the dead, so it’s by no means finite.”

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