U.S. Auto Sales: GM Should Reclaim Full-Year Sales Crown On Strong Q4

car sales are general motors (GM) in the final quarter of 2022. toyota motor (TM) will be used for the full year after overcoming a sharp decline in the first six months.


on Wednesday, Stella (STLA) and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (HMC) is also preparing to report fourth-quarter and full-year 2022 sales in the US market. ford (F) Immediately follows.

Analysts at JD Power and LMC Automotive expect U.S. new car sales to rise in the fourth quarter after declines in each quarter of 2022.

Analysts at Cox Automotive say General Motors should be the number one seller in the U.S. for the full year after a strong fourth quarter. Japan’s Toyota surpasses his GM for the first time in the U.S. in 2021 amid a shortage of automotive chips. Cox said Honda is expected to see its biggest year-on-year decline in sales in 2022.

World wide, Tesla (TSLA) shipments hit a record 405,278 in the fourth quarter, the company said Monday. The EV giant doesn’t break down sales by country. Tesla fell short of its fourth quarter forecast despite aggressive year-end incentives. TSLA shares plunged 14% on Tuesday to a two-year low.

Here’s the performance that other automakers expect: Cox Automotive’s forecasts show fourth-quarter and full-year sales volumes, as well as year-over-year sales increases or decreases.

general motors

Q4 sales forecast: 613,904 units, up 40.7% year-on-year. It also increases from his 555,580 units sold by GM in the third quarter.

2022 full-year sales forecast: 2,253,641 units, an increase of 2.3% from 2021. In his first three quarters of 2022, GM’s sales were down 20%, down 15%, and up 24%.

result: Please check again on Wednesday.

One question is whether production of GM’s new electric vehicles will pick up. Older generation Bolt and Bolt EUV sales are strong. But production of the Hummer EV and Cadillac Lyric, both of which use his Ultium battery, was marginal in the third quarter.

GM shares rose 0.5% to 33.81 in Tuesday’s stock market move.

toyota motor

Q4 sales forecast: 550,948 units, an increase of 16.1%.

2022 full-year sales forecast: 2,122,665 units, down 9%.

result: Please check again on Wednesday.

Shares of Toyota Motor Corp rose 1.2% to 138.28 on Tuesday.


Q4 sales forecast: 466.447 units, down 7.5%.

2022 full-year sales forecast: 1,837,603 units, down 2.9%.

result: Check back later.

Ford shares rose 0.4% to 11.68 on Tuesday. The automaker announced Tuesday that the F-Series will hold his title of America’s best-selling car for 41 years in 2022. Ford said in 2022 he will have sold over 640,000 F-Series trucks.


Q4 sales forecast: 342,894 units, down 16.7%.

2022 full-year sales forecast: 1,542,301 units, down 13.2%.

result: Please check again on Wednesday.

Stellantis shares rose 2.8% on Tuesday.


Q4 sales forecast: 249,379 units, down 13.2%.

2022 full-year sales forecast: 977,636 units, down 33.3%.

result: Please check again on Wednesday.

Honda shares were up 1.8% on Tuesday.

US car sales to rise in fourth quarter

As the fourth quarter of 2022 progresses, concerns about softening demand amid rising interest rates and the highest inflation in 40 years have heightened.

Used car dealers in December Carmax (KMX) warns of ‘vehicle affordability issues’ Tesla (TSLA) offered a $7,500 discount on last minute US shipping.

Used car prices have fallen significantly now, which could put some pressure on new car sticker prices.

On the supply side, new car inventories improved “slightly” in the fourth quarter, analysts at JD Power and LMC Automotive said.

With inventories rising, analysts expect fourth-quarter new car sales to grow 9.6% year over year to 3.55 million units. Sales declined in each quarter of 2022 due to problems with supply rather than demand. However, US car sales pace in December is expected to fall 6.4% from his 14.1 million the previous month.

New car sales for the full year decreased by 8.4% to 13.69 million units. Sales growth in the second half of 2022 failed to offset his initial six-month decline, according to analysts at JD Power.

Outlook for car sales in 2023

In 2023, US auto sales are expected to recover as supply chain woes continue to ease.

Analysts at JD Power and LMC Auto said, “Shipments will gradually increase throughout the year, pointing to increased sales from 2022 levels.”

Sluggish consumer demand over the past two years is expected to keep inventory levels relatively low despite a potential recession.

2023 is therefore likely to be a “relatively healthy pricing and profitability year” for automakers and car dealers, analysts say.

A US EV tax credit of up to $7,500 should boost demand for electric vehicles in 2023. But EVs have to be assembled in North America, benefiting Tesla, GM and Ford at the expense of most foreign automakers. Lower income and prices can also limit their reach.

JD Power expects global vehicle sales to grow 6% to 85.7 million in 2023. But it warned that recession risks could push forecasts down by up to 2 million units.

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