U.S. new-car inventory continues rise, hitting 1.61M

Data from Cox Automotive and Automotive News Research & Data Center show that U.S. auto inventories continued to recover from historically low levels, gaining another 150,000 units to 1.61 million units.

The increase reflected a month-on-month rise and extended a modest inventory gain that began in June when automakers and dealer inventories fell by an estimated 500,000 units. Cox said levels are up 78% from where he was a year ago, but 2019 and he are still significantly lower than they were at the same point in 2020.

Cox noted that performance cars, small cars and minivans are the most tight segments, with full-size pickups, full-size cars and luxury luxury cars having the biggest supply days. Electric vehicles, in particular, have supplied him for nearly 50 days, just below the national average for all segments, Cox said.

According to Automotive News Research & Data, all seven automakers that continue to report monthly sales and inventory data have recorded an increase in inventory days, with Ford Motor Co. Month threshold exceeded. center.

Subaru was the only brand to report inventory days staying in the single digits, while Volvo and American Honda followed Ford with at least 30 days of inventory.

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