UK made fewest cars in 66 years in 2022 amid headwinds

Car makers have had their worst year in more than 60 years in the UK after a global semiconductor shortage and the closure of major factories hit production.

Auto production in 2022 will drop 9.8% to about 775,000 units, the lowest since 1956 and well below pre-pandemic levels, the Association of American Automobile Manufacturers and Traders said in a statement Thursday. Stated.

Industry groups expect production to rebound to 842,200 units this year as component bottlenecks ease and automakers from Stellantis to Nissan begin converting local factories to make electric vehicles.

Still, the UK is a step behind other car manufacturing countries, including Germany.

“Why are we so down? Most of it is due to supply chain shortages, but there have been structural changes that have hit the UK more severely than many other countries.

BMW announced in October that it would move production of electric mini hatchbacks from Oxford, England to China.

Honda will close its Swindon factory that used to make Civic hatchbacks in mid-2021.

Stellantis stopped making Vauxhalls at its Ellesmere Port factory last year, but at least that factory is being overhauled to make electric vans.

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