Valeo brings new safety tech to CES

LAS VEGAS – Valeo has unveiled new technology that enables vehicles to better predict what pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users will do on the roadway.

Called pantomime, the solution relies on algorithms that help vehicles “understand the movements” of other road users and predict the actions they might take, Valeo says. In a news release, suppliers said they could also obey the instructions of police and other authorities on the road.

It is one of several technologies the supplier has showcased at CES this week, and Valeo said it hopes to show “evidence that it has become a global mobility player.”

The company predicts electronics, software and artificial intelligence will account for 30% of the value of cars in 2030, up from 10% today.

Along with other new technologies on display, Valeo said it also plans to research and bring to market “new ways to cool data centers.” Valeo says this will be important for the industry as connected cars will collect more data in the coming years.

Valeo is ranked 11th in the ranking. car news europe List of the world’s top 100 suppliers, with global sales to automakers of $16.73 billion in 2021.

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