Video of Modified Maruti Swift owner’s kind gesture towards boys who wanted to click picture with the car goes viral

India has quite a few car enthusiasts. The country’s car culture is on the rise and there are different types of car enthusiasts in this community. Some people like to modify their cars, while others like to keep their cars clean all the time. Most people in the enthusiast community are in the first category of installing aftermarket body his kits and exhaust pipes. This often attracts the attention of passers-by. Here is the video that is currently being talked about. In this video, the owner of a modified Marti his Swift shows a kind gesture to her two boys who wanted to click a photo with their car.

The video was shared by News 18 on their Facebook page. The video begins by showing CCTV footage of a heavily modified Marti Swift where her two boys are seen taking pictures of her hatchback. The owner of the car noticed it and one day noticed the same boy next to the car. They were posing with their cars. While clicking pictures, the car owner asked one of them if he wanted his car to be opened so he could make an Instagram video. Initially, the boys were hesitant as they did not expect the owner to find them.

The owner asked them to wait and came down with the car keys. When the owner asked one of the boys, it turned out that he had been coming to see the car in the same place for the past month. They loved the car and wanted to make a video for social media. When the owners realized how much they liked their cars, they gave them the keys and asked them to make a video. The boys did not expect such a reaction, so they were very happy to hear the offer from the owner himself.

After he handed over the keys, the boys recorded a video and returned smiling. The car seen here in the video looks tastefully modified. , from what we saw in the video, it looks like the owner did a completely matte black wrap on the car with a white racing strip on the hood. Replaced with projector LED unit. The car has no chrome elements and the stock wheels have also been replaced with aftermarket alloy wheels.It also has an aftermarket spoiler and electric sunroof.

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a very popular car in modification circles. A few examples of tastefully modified Marty his Swift and his hatchbacks from different parts of the country. Suzuki is currently testing its next-generation Swift hatchback internationally, and it is expected to go on sale later this year. The current version of the Swift is available with his 1.2-liter DualJet petrol engine that produces 88.5 Bhp and 113 Nm of torque. The engine is available with 5-speed manual and AMT gearbox options.

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