Volkswagen Could Build a Smaller EV Crossover in America by 2025

Volkswagen launched its latest EV lineup in America a few years ago with the ID.4 crossover. In the near future, we plan to acquire an ID as well. Buzzbang and new ID. aero sedan. But a new report from Germany brings rumors that another of his VW electric cars is coming to America that sounds very intriguing.

german outlet Handelsblatt (as discovered by Electrical) reports that VW has a new electric SUV planned for America. This will likely be manufactured at his ID.4 at the brand’s facility in Chattanooga. It will reportedly be a compact SUV smaller than the ID.4. The current he runs on an updated version of the MEB platform and is expected to be released around 2025.

Volkswagen unveils a cool ID. Life concept dates back to 2021. VW said it was planning a vehicle of that size, but that’s not accurate. that 1. And with VW looking to head in a different design direction, anything that looks like it is questionable.

VW has confirmed several vehicles that will be fitted under the ID.4. There are two subcompact entry-level EVs, a passenger car and a crossover, targeting prices around $25,000. Another option (and a better bet for America) could be his third model, which VW said was considering. This is his SUV version of the ID.3 hatchback (the closest thing to an electric Golf, but VW seems to be planning an electric Golf). ).

It’s unclear how VW will differentiate between the ID.3 SUV and the ID.4. ID.4 is already the answer to the question. What would happen if we made a crossover version of ID.3? The ID.3 SUV could be something like an ID.3 hatch with a bit of lift and cladding called an SUV for marketing purposes (maybe it doesn’t meet the IRS stricter definition ). And it sounds like a vehicle we can get behind.

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