Volvo seeks new subscription revenues with Qualcomm-powered tech

LAS VEGAS — Computing power from chip supplier Qualcomm could help Volvo create new revenue streams in an era of longer cars, the automaker said at the CES technology show here. Told.

Volvo will use Qualcomm’s digital cockpit backed by high-performance chips to offer subscription capabilities in its new EX90 fully electric crossover.

Martin Christenson, Volvo’s head of product definition and partner management, said at a media event with Qualcomm: A bystander at his CES last week.

“Certainly there are opportunities for subscriptions for some features of the vehicle,” he said.

Kristensson described the EX90 as the company’s first “software-defined” vehicle, which allows for software and hardware upgrades as well as new features to be added over time.

Christenson said features that Volvo could monetize over time include audio content, navigation content and digital services.

With Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SA8155 chip from Google to power the Android operating system in cars, Volvo leverages Qualcomm’s experience with chips that power Android smartphones.

The automotive industry is reaching the same tipping point when smartphones can be updated with new apps and features, said Mark Granger, head of Digital Cockpit automotive products at Qualcomm.

“You can do a lot more in the cockpit. We can innovate and bring new features over the life of the vehicle,” he added.

Christenson says Volvo always guarantees that safety upgrades are free.

“We can monetize both car-centric features like automated parking and digital services,” he added.

However, he hinted that the increased autonomy to level 3 hands-free may not be classified as a safety feature and may incur charges.

“Autonomy saves time, and time is the most precious resource. If I could save you another half day, it would probably be of great value to you,” he said.

Volvo said the EX90 could be upgraded to level 3 autonomy, but did not give a timeframe.

Qualcomm announced a partnership with Volvo and subsidiary brand Polestar at CES 2022.

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