Volvo top-level executive Henrik Green resigns

Volvo Cars executive Henrik Green, who until last year was considered a frontrunner to be promoted to CEO, is set to leave the company at the end of this month.

Greene’s position as Head of Advanced Technology and Sustainability will be dissolved and his responsibilities will be distributed to other parts of the business.

Aspects of his work related to advanced technology will be transferred to the R&D department, the company said. That part of the business will be led by Deputy CEO Javier Varela.

Green’s work in the areas of charging and energy management will be transferred to Volvo’s commercial organization, headed by Deputy CEO Bjorn Anwall.

Volvo’s commitment to sustainability will be overseen by Volvo CEO Jim Rowan, the company said, adding that the move will help simplify the automaker’s management structure.

6 promotions in 8 years

At the beginning of 2022, Green, 49, was Volvo’s Chief Product Officer. This is his one of many key positions he has held over his nearly 30 years with the company.

During former CEO Hakan Samuelsson’s 10-year tenure as boss, Green was promoted six times in eight years. His previous positions included Chief Technology Officer and his Head of R&D.

After being the father of Volvo’s successful Drive-E engine line, in 2011 he was promoted to Volvo China’s executive management team, serving as Vice President of Product Strategy for two years.

He joined Volvo’s top board executive management team in 2016 as head of R&D. In 2019, he was promoted to Chief Technology Officer.

Green was named the 2019 Eurostar by Automotive News Europe for developing what Samuelsson called the strongest vehicle line-up in the company’s history.

Under Green, the XC60 was named World Car of the Year 2018, and the XC40 won the European Car of the Year 2018 award, with Volvo playing a key role in the field of plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles. rice field.

change of plan

Green’s rapid rise Volvo’s org chart ended a year ago when the company surpassed positions within the company and chose former Dyson and Blackberry executive Jim Rowan to replace Samuelson as CEO.

The first outward indication that Greene’s vertical trajectory had reached its apex came in June when he was handed over to one of the two deputy CEO posts created by Volvo.

In addition, Green was one of four people transferred from the executive management team to a lower level called the group management team.

Another person demoted last June was Volvo America boss Anders Gustafsson, 54, who will be succeeded by Michael Cotton, 43, on March 1. car news europe sister publication car news.

The change is part of a restructuring of Volvo’s Americas business, which involves splitting the US and Canadian markets into separate divisions.

Michael Cottone, a 21-year Volvo veteran and Vice President of the Western Region, will assume the top positions in the United States and Canada.

new path

In a LinkedIn post last week, Green said, “I have decided to part ways with friends, colleagues and the company I love and have loved for over 27 years.” The latest computerized mobility flagship. ”

He went on to say that Volvo is headed for an “amazing future” and that he hopes to meet his Volvo colleagues “on our future journey, at a crossroads yet to be discovered”. rice field.

He didn’t specify in the post where his next stop would be.

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