VW Group’s slow charging times hand Hyundai an advantage

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CTO Drew Baglino questioned this on their April earnings call, saying the benefits of moving the Model 3 and Model Y to 800 volts would be limited and the costs would be high. rice field.

Tesla has managed to achieve similar charging power with its 400-volt system that other vehicles achieve with their 800-volt alternatives.

However, it’s unclear if the company can draw more power from the 400-volt system, and Musk and Bagrino are considering an 800-volt system for Tesla’s larger Semi and Cybertruck models. said.

As the market for 800 volt components grows and automakers and their suppliers innovate, the cost gap may shrink and 800 volt technology may dominate the market. Companies such as ZF Friedrichshafen, Schaeffler and Marelli have recently introduced 800 volt components.

Hyundai’s aggressive adoption of 800-volt technology has not resulted in a monopoly on the EV market. Because manufacturers could not meet the demand.

Given the current supply chain conditions, prompt delivery of most EV models is difficult, and in some cases buyers have to wait a year or more. Being able to produce on a large scale is one of his greatest competitive advantages.

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