VW ID7 EV shown at CES with camouflage paint

Making new sedans attractive to consumers is proving to be an increasingly important challenge in the U.S. market, so Volkswagen has decided to postpone the debut of its upcoming electric sedan at CES to a temporary But I decided to “light it up” and give the car a new name. Go along with its unique camouflage scheme.

The German brand changed what was known as the ID Aero to the ID7. This is a roughly Passat-sized sedan that will go on sale in the US next year and is expected to be the best range from VW’s growing family of battery electric vehicles. The vehicle on display is the production version and is expected to be rated for a range of approximately 700 kilometers (435 miles) in Europe under the continental European gradual global harmonized light vehicle test procedure. said Brand. The range of the US version has not been announced.

According to VW, the ID7 will have a 15-inch infotainment screen that incorporates a “new display concept” with digitally controlled automatic vents and the ability to detect approaching drivers with the key and initiate pre-cooling or pre-heating. It will be equipped with an intelligent HVAC system. Heats the cabin on demand.

The vents then move according to the instructions for optimal cabin cooling, directing the air towards the passengers or elsewhere. VW says it will also respond to voice commands. So when the driver tells the vehicle that his hands are cold, the ID7 not only heats the steering wheel, but also directs the heated air onto the driver’s hands.

To stand out among the glitz of Las Vegas and CES, VW created a camouflage scheme for the ID7. It uses conductive and insulating paint layers to illuminate different areas of the vehicle on demand. The electroluminescent paint and wiring add about 70 pounds to the display vehicle and require 40 layers of paint, engineers said. car news Before the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

The ID7 body is divided into 22 zones that can be individually turned on or off for a rolling light show. Additionally, her QR code embedded in her camouflage directs users to her website providing more information about her ID7.

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