VW’s Cariad software chief promises progress one jump at a time

Cariad, the software arm of the Volkswagen Group, was born out of a review mandated by the new CEO with plans to work step by step towards an integrated software architecture for future cars, according to Cariad chief Dirk Hilgenberg. rice field.

“I call this program ‘Triple Jump,'” Hilgenberg told Reuters at the CES technology trade show in Las Vegas.

The next important step is the launch of the new generation of the Porsche Macan SUV in 2024. It will be equipped with VW Group’s new premium software architecture.

The automaker’s ultimate goal is to provide an ‘integrated’ software and electronics architecture for all VW Group vehicles. In Europe and North America, it will rely on Qualcomm’s “system-on-a-chip” semiconductors, while in China it will use a superchip jointly developed with Chinese partner Horizon Robotics.

“We are not allowed to pull data out of China,” Hilgenberg said.

VW promised to give investors an update on its software progress in March.

Delays and cost overruns at Cariad were among the factors behind the decision by the VW Supervisory Board to oust Herbert Diess as CEO last summer and replace him with Porsche chief Oliver Blume.

A source familiar with the matter told Reuters that a new software platform intended to enable “Level 4” autonomous driving, which was due to be implemented across the fleet from 2026, has been postponed to the end of the decade. One source said a 2028 start is likely.

new approach

Hilgenberg declined to discuss a specific date. “Let’s deliver the goods,” he said.

He explained Cariad’s challenge with a slide showing three diagrams representing the electronics in a car.

VW’s traditional approach used 120 small computers to control individual functions.

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