VW’s Wolfsburg plant faces production stoppages in January

BERLIN — Volkswagen plans to reduce the number of shifts at its Wolfsburg plant in January.

A Volkswagen spokesman said the work stoppage will affect the second half shift of Golf production on the third assembly line and other adjacent areas from January 9 to January 27.

Body shops, paint shops and other adjacent areas will be affected proportionally, he said, but the storage areas and maintenance needed to supply the factories are excluded from the measures.

The reason for the suspension was the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine that disrupted supply chains. business insider The magazine reported on Thursday, citing internal communications with employees.

Earlier this month, VW’s brand chief Thomas Schaefer said the plant was making far fewer than 400,000 cars a year, less than half capacity, due to a “complete disruption” in the supply chain. He said he does.

About 60,000 employees build combustion engine models such as the Golf, Tiguan and Touran at the plant.

VW will add production of two fully electric vehicle models at the plant: an ID3 compact hatchback and a Tiguan-sized EV.

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