Watch an Angry Elephant Charge a Safari and Toss a Jeep Like a Rag-doll

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If you need proof of the strength of an adult elephant, look no further! The crew of this safari jeep are incredibly lucky to escape and teach you that wildlife should always be respected.

Elephant attack on safari jeep

It’s a short clip, but it contains a lot of action. The footage begins with a jeep moving toward a group of anxious-looking elephants, trumpeting a warning. Suddenly a large adult elephant appears on the left side of the track. The elephant without hesitation lowers his head and pushes his forehead into the side of the truck. It’s a very big truck, but the elephant has no problem pushing it off the road, and the person operating the camera tries to stay in the truck and not fall off, so the footage is confusing!

The action then cuts a few minutes later to show footage shot by someone on the trailing track. Elephants can still be seen on the other side of the truck, which is now badly damaged, but the occupants have left and escaped to safety. The elephant, on the other hand, clearly feels that the threat has passed and is leaving.

Female elephants actively protect their cubs

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Elephant Aggression and Behavior

Elephants are the largest land animals on earth. It is a herbivore that lives in parts of Africa and Asia and feeds mainly on grasses, roots and fruits. They weigh up to 12,000 pounds.

Elephants are complex when it comes to behavior. They are considered highly intelligent, self-aware and self-aware. Research has shown that they may be able to use tools, remember things, and even mourn dead elephants.

They are peaceful animals that do not fight unless it is unavoidable. However, female elephants become very aggressive to protect their young, and male elephants show aggression to show dominance. Once a year, male elephants go through a phase called mast, in which they become more confrontational due to increased hormones. At this time, males are more likely to attack humans, and there have even been fatalities.

Aggression in men is often indicated by mock charges. For females, elephants often spread and flap their ears while staring at threats. She may also raise her head and torso, shake her legs, and snap branches. be careful!


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