Watch These Insane Honda Drag Racers Destroy Their Opposition On The Track

The modified JDM sports car proves to be a hotly contested one, overtaking its rivals in a new video on That Racing Channel.

Known for their reliable, fuel-efficient sedans, hatchbacks and coupes, Honda Civics have earned a reputation as everyday drivers, but performance-oriented versions like the Civic Type R have failed to attract the attention of gear enthusiasts and enthusiasts alike. are collecting.

In the drag racing community, Honda Civic and its luxury cousins, Acura RSX has a resume that extends beyond its loyal fan base. They have the potential to compete with sports cars with much larger engines.

Its racing channel showcases drag racing back and forth between insane Honda Civics and blazingly fast Acura NSXs. Check out the video to see these two cars giving a strong performance on the drag strip.

1,600 hp, AWD Honda Civic

In the video’s first race, the Honda Civic takes on the Subaru WRX and puts in a strong performance. The Civic beats Subaru with just his 7.45 second time and his 189.71 mph top speed. The video doesn’t show the speed of the WRX, but it’s clear that the Subaru came in second.

In the next race the Civic will face the C6 Chevrolet Corvette. Most of the time the Corvette can easily beat the Civic, but this time the Civic took the win with a top speed of 7.38 seconds and a top speed of 194.04 mph.

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In the next race, the Civics will be in close combat. From the first camera angle, it’s not clear which car wins, but another camera angle shows the Civic winning with a commanding lead.

GP1 Racing’s Marc P has detailed Honda’s specs, and while the previous dyno rating was 1,300 horsepower, we think it’s even higher now with a few changes. , means business in the drag strip.

About this AWD Acura RSX drag racer

Acura RSX Drag Race
Via: YouTube – That Racing Channel

The next car featured in the video is the Acura RSX, the luxury version of that generation’s Honda Civic. The Acura is powered by Honda’s four-cylinder engine, which has been successful against competitors with significantly larger engines. The RSX went up against the big block Mazda RX-7 and Acura took the win with multiple camera angles of him showing that the Acura RSX has a big lead over his RX-7 for most of the strip.

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The RSX then hit a speed of 169.7 miles per hour on one run and barely beaten the Audi R8 in subsequent races. In competition with the Toyota Supra, the RSX beats the Toyota sports car with his 8.64 second finish time and 166.54 mph top speed than the Supra’s 11.33 second finish time and 117.92 mph top speed.

The final car featured in the video is the second Honda Civic to win the competition with a time of 8.89 seconds and a top speed of 151.51 mph with a finish of 11.76 seconds and a top speed of 84.90 mph. The owner says the Civic’s best time so far is his 8.6 seconds in his quarter mile. The Civic started out as a street car, but over time it was gradually tweaked and transformed into the ideal drag racing vehicle it is today.

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