What Alpine says about the future of Renault-Nissan

No one is going bankrupt by siphoning 100,000 or so U.S. sales in 2030, even if Alpine pulls it off. But think of the managerial distraction it creates.

Alpine plans to launch two EVs in the US, one of which will be a full-size SUV. Their electric architecture has not been revealed, but they could come from a new common EV platform created by parent company Renault or a Renault spin-off and Nissan-invested electric vehicle business. . Rossi also said the new EV could use the foundations of Chinese automaker Geely.

Around this same time, Nissan will invest in its own new EV production in the US, creating one new electric SUV for the Nissan brand and another for the Infiniti brand.

This begs the question: Will selling and selling Renault’s luxury segment line in the US serve the Alliance while Nissan strives to build US market share for its own luxury line? Infiniti has offered some compelling products over the last 30 years or so, but has struggled to break into the market for a long time.

Will Alpine and Infiniti end up hooting for the same shopper? throw dollars?

And to make it all happen, Alpine will likely have to build its new EV in North America and qualify for the federal tax credit as a locally built and sourced vehicle. , does that mean producing them at one of Nissan’s North American factories?

If so, will it satisfy American shoppers interested in “French sports cars”?

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