What Really Makes Jeeps Incredible Climbers

For enthusiasts, Jeep may be the most aftermarket-favorite brand in the United States. Countless accessories are available, including heavy-duty bumpers, electric winches, light bars and more. Add extra mounting points to store tools, jerrycans, full-size spare tires, and more.

For serious off-roading, suspension upgrades such as lift kits and high-compression shock absorbers can be fitted with oversized humped tires. If your Jeep does not come with a locking differential installed, there are many aftermarket compatible options available. A shorter final drive ratio can also be selected to increase effective torque.

Most dedicated rock crawler builds feature a two-speed transfer case. So the jeep he has 4 wheel drive and he has 2 gear ratios available. 4 High is the normal gear and is good for relatively high speed engagements like running over loose sand or gravel.

Followers (aka crawler gears) use a series of mechanical magic to reduce the engine’s output speed several times, but increase the effective torque output. In the most extreme crawlers, the driver can run the engine at full speed and the wheels will only turn a few miles per hour. This is horribly inefficient for road use, but it’s also the best mechanism for maintaining traction in extreme conditions.

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