Where did Elon Musk’s $5.7B mystery gift go?

The largest U.S. foundation is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which had approximately $55 billion in assets at the end of 2021. It gave about $6.2 billion in grants last year, according to a spokesperson.

political quarrel

Musk donated $5.7 billion in Tesla stock to charity in November 2021 and has waged disputes with politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren over inequality and wealth tax proposals. He never said where the money ended up.

The large donations to charity helped reduce what Musk described as the largest tax bill in U.S. history. It covered about 23 million option exercises — Tesla’s CEO tweeted that it would pay more than $11 billion in taxes annually.

Earlier this year, several grant recipients said their primary contact at the foundation was Igor Kurganov, a professional poker player turned philanthropist working in the field of effective altruism. I was.

There are few obvious indications that effective altruism, a philosophical movement that seeks to have the greatest impact by spending money discreetly to solve problems, has influenced Musk’s donations. The cause was largely driven by Sam Bankman-Fried, whose crypto exchange FTX declared bankruptcy last month.

The Musk Foundation has transferred $4 million to the Future of Life Institute, which focuses on de-risking artificial intelligence and biotechnology, a top priority for effective altruists. Musk serves as a nonprofit advisor with Morgan Freeman.

white house vs mask

In another political battle that emerged on Monday, Musk’s public denunciation of top US health official Anthony Fauci was “dangerous” and “disgusting” and should be spoken out. White House spokeswoman Carine Jean-Pierre told reporters.

Jean-Pierre said, “They are fed up and disconnected from reality. We will continue to speak out and be very clear about it. I applauded Fauci’s response.

Musk over the weekend tweeted, “My pronoun is Prosecute/Fauci.” After the tweet went viral, Tesla responded to Musk’s own post, adding, “The truth resonates.”

Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, said he plans to retire in December as the U.S. infectious disease officer, and has spoken of troubling health crises ranging from HIV/AIDS to bird flu to Ebola. I have dealt with the issue.

A veteran immunologist, he served as an adviser to seven US presidents, including Republican Ronald Reagan, and has held public office for more than 50 years.

But his response to COVID, and his outspoken assessment on the White House podium that Americans need to change their behavior in light of the pandemic, put him in the public health ranks under former President Donald Trump. made him a hero to his defenders. A rare celebrity among some right-wingers and bureaucrats accustomed to struggling in obscurity.

The United States leads the world in recorded COVID-19 deaths with over one million deaths.

Fauci says he faced death threats. He has endured criticism from Trump and various conservatives who oppose government-mandated protective measures such as vaccinations, social distancing and masks, which he advocated to try to limit the pandemic’s lethality.

Republicans have also threatened to investigate Fauci if he takes control of Congress in the midterm elections.

Bloomberg and Reuters contributed to this report.

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