Which states are best for auto mechanics?

In contrast, Washington DC ranks last in the survey. Technicians have the highest median annual salary of $60,590, but he’s well below the district-wide median annual salary of $79,960. The nation’s capital also has her second-highest cost of living in the country after Hawaii, with only 0.6 machinist jobs per 1,000 people.

About 629,000 people work as automotive technicians nationwide, with a median annual income of $46,650, according to census data.

But before auto technicians pack their wrenches and head to Sooner State, Geoff Cudd, who runs FindTheBestCarPrice.com, says there are other factors to consider when choosing a state or region for your job search. said. the study.

“Technicians need to consider not only demand for auto repairs, but employee satisfaction, salaries, local cost of living and what kind of area they want to live in,” he said. “Fortunately, we can easily investigate remotely.”

Maine, Michigan and Wyoming have the highest demand for auto technicians per capita compared to other states, Cadd said. He said the study was independent of U.S. Census Bureau data and could be found by looking at the number of his Google searches for car-related issues per total population living in the state compared to other states. said.

“This means that those three states are likely good places to find a job as a mechanic or start a career as one,” he said. I was. “With car prices and interest rates skyrocketing, consumers are more likely to keep cars than buy them. [new] The vehicle will only last until at least next year. “

WrenchWay co-founder and president Jay Goninen agrees that more factors need to be considered when deciding where technicians work. WrenchWay.com partners with technicians, shops, national dealer chains and schools to show you the best shops to work in, educate service departments on how to be better employers, and help schools empower the next generation. helping to attract automotive technicians.

“WrenchWay gives engineers the ability to perform due diligence on prospective employers,” said Goninen. “We are like a dating app for technicians and shops to keep in touch and get to know each other.

“Our goal is to bring more tech people into the industry and keep them in the industry,” he added.

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