Why China is poised to manufacture the world’s safest cars

VW likely to benefit this year

Local hazard warnings will be awarded up to 10 safety assist points in a change to the test protocol for 2023. These include warnings about traffic jams, construction areas, accidents ahead, vehicles parked on the curb, and emergency vehicles.

You can use any communication method for these alerts, but you’ll get the most points if you use a V2X direct communication solution. Additionally, the cellular non-direct communication solution is part of a “connectivity package” offered as a paid subscription by some automakers.

Road operators around the world have already recognized the contribution of V2X to improving road safety. The latest example is his V2X deployment on the German Autobahn. Officials hope the move will save lives on the country’s roads.

The benefits of V2X are known, but Volkswagen is the only European manufacturer with V2X as a standard option. This could help models such as the ID3, ID4, ID5 and ID Buzz start climbing the ladder of future safety assist tables.

Change the loom in 2026

EuroNCAP has announced that the introduction of V2X safety assessments in testing will take effect in 2026.

Chinese automakers are already launching vehicles with V2X. They did so in preparation for a change in safety rating by China’s NCAP in 2025.

Scheduled for export to Europe, the US and other markets, these Chinese cars are equipped with the latest safety technology to give them an edge in EuroNCAP testing in 2026.

penalties for procrastination

It is expected that V2X technology will not be essential until 2029 to achieve EuroNCAP’s highest five-star rating.

The complexity of V2X EuroNCAP 2029 testing will skyrocket. Automakers with no V2X deployment experience may struggle to keep up with this leap. On the other hand, automakers with several years of deployment experience are well positioned to pass the test.

What this means is that the safety ratings of Chinese vehicles will rise significantly in 2026, and these vehicles may exceed EuroNCAP ratings for the first time. With experience gained in V2X deployments, this lead is not expected to disappear in his 2029.

If Europe’s top automakers want to avoid the prestige associated with a high EuroNCAP rating, they should prioritize V2X technology rather than procrastinate.

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