Why Super Bowl auto ad spending is trending down

let me Plugged in an electric EV6 in last year’s game, this year’s ad will highlight the 2023 petrol-powered Telluride X-Pro, said Russell Weiger, vice president of marketing at Kia America. details are not disclosed. Kia Motors was one of the few brands to increase market share last year and is gaining momentum after achieving sales records in December and the fourth quarter. car news.

Bet, in an interview with advertising age, car news The affiliate acknowledged that some supply issues remain.

“We still can’t make enough to meet demand,” he said. But making Super Bowl decisions based on today’s supply is a “short-term game.” “We [brand] Three months, six months, 12 months down the line, we want people to keep us on their consideration list. ”

Kia had the same conversation last year when she chose to highlight the EV6 at the Super Bowl. Kia “sold over 20,000, but you can’t sell 20,000 cars and go to the Super Bowl,” he said. “You’ll go to the Super Bowl and say, ‘When you think about electric cars, we’re serious competitors.'”

Hyundai, Kia’s sibling automaker, which hasn’t advertised at the Super Bowl since 2020, will run an ad during this weekend’s AFC and NFC championship games instead of the big game to highlight one of its EVs. are choosing to

According to Hyundai chief marketing officer Angela Zepeda, brands will pay about a third of their Super Bowl advertising dollars ($7 million for 30 seconds this year), but there are still a lot of them. It is said that it can appear in front of the audience of. motor america. (Last year’s championship game averaged 49 million viewers for him, while the Super Bowl averaged around 100 million viewers.)

Hyundai’s campaign features an electric Ioniq 6 and stars actor Kevin Bacon and his daughter Sosie Bacon.

One ad called “Your Dad Is Going Electric” aims to normalize EVs, even for fathers who may not be as tech-savvy as their children. Creative agencies Innocean and Canvas are in charge of media buying.

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