Why we picked Joe Manchin, Elon Musk as All-Stars

It’s hard to get distracted by Elon Musk’s insatiable appetite for attention and boundless ability to stir up controversy, especially since he bought a $44 billion megaphone called Twitter in October and continued the corporate turmoil in the social media network. It’s easy. Will Twitter be working by the time you read this?

But keep in mind, he’s also the head of a car company, and it’s been another big success this year, winning his fourth All-Star award in the luxury category.

With just four nameplates and no major exterior or interior redesigns, Tesla continues to defy conventional expectations, taking a significant lead in the U.S. luxury market. This is also thanks to branding and avoiding some of the pitfalls in his chain of supply experienced by rival automakers. Experian reported 346,827 Tesla registrations through September of this year. By comparison, BMW has 236,513, Mercedes-Benz 204,120 and Lexus 201,830.

It’s not just BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus around the world chasing Tesla. All automakers, whether established or trying to overcome the industry’s high barriers to entry, will die for the allure of a brand like Tesla.

Gap between panels? Software glitch? Bad PR for AutoPilot? Lack of service network? Musk’s Twitter antics and shady free speech debate?Yes, some customers returned their Teslas and didn’t look back, but most Elon fans in the U.S. and abroad I do not mind.

And with the opening of factories in Austin, Texas and Germany this year, Tesla shows no signs of cooling off anytime soon.

This is worth tweeting.

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