Woman Killed After Jumping Out Of Intoxicated Driver’s Moving Jeep In Dumfries, Police Say

A woman has died after jumping out of a jeep driven by an alleged drunk driver in Prince William County, police said.

Stephanie de la Cruz Moreno Medina, 30, died on Saturday 28 January when he rescued driver Gustavo Barajona Benitez, 38.

Shortly before 1:45 a.m. Saturday, members of the Prince William County Police Department were called into the area of ​​Williamstown Drive and Richmond Highway in Dumfries to report that one vehicle had struck, police said. bottom.

Investigations revealed that Barajona Benitez was driving north on Richmond Highway when she slowed down to enter Williamstown Drive.

As the car slowed, detectives said Moreno Medina opened the passenger door and stepped out of the car into the driveway while Barahona Benítez was still driving. She was found unconscious, treated at the scene by her first responders, and died of her injuries Saturday morning at a local hospital.

It is unknown what caused Moreno Medina to jump out of the moving vehicle.

During the investigation into the fatal crash, Barajona Benítez was found to be intoxicated and driving without a license, police officials said. Moreno Medina was also thought to have been under its effects when she jumped to her death.

Barajona Benítez has been charged with driving under the influence and not having a driver’s license. His court date is pending and no bond information was available.

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