Wyoming pushes EV sales ‘phaseout,’ but senator behind legislation shrugs at its prospects

Wyoming Senator Jim Anderson last week backed a bill that, if enacted, would phase out new electric vehicle sales in the state by 2035. But Anderson said. car news On Wednesday, he said it wasn’t going to pass and he doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone who buys an EV.

The bill is being introduced as many other states are moving in the opposite direction, with a view to ending sales of gasoline vehicles in favor of electric and plug-in hybrids. . California executive orders and new rules issued by the California Air Resources Board are outstanding examples of efforts to push for zero-emission vehicles by 2035, with the goal of reducing emissions and halting climate change.

Wyoming’s bill is written similarly to California’s, but is intended to preserve customer choice, Anderson said.

“It’s not good to dictate what kind of car to buy for the public because there are different problems[with electric cars],” he said. The bill is currently on the Minerals Board, but it will simply “make a statement,” said Anderson, a Republican who represents Natrona County.

“Pass or don’t pass, it doesn’t matter,” he said.

The bill’s text states that the oil and gas industry “has long been one of Wyoming’s proud and worthy industries,” and that the spread of EVs will have a “detrimental effect” on the state’s communities and economy. It is written

Despite the bill encouraging industry and citizens to limit the sale and purchase of new EVs, Anderson said people can buy any kind of vehicle they want.

According to the bill, Wyoming’s “extensive” highways don’t have adequate EV charging infrastructure, making widespread EV use impractical.

The bill also mentions other factors that will eventually end EV sales, such as the shortage of materials needed to make batteries. It also mentions obstacles to battery materials that cannot be “easily recycled or disposable.” Wyoming landfills cannot handle “all batteries that are hazardous materials,” Anderson said.

Brian Willis, spokesperson for the Zero Emission Transportation Association, said it was “clearly not” that EV batteries cannot be recycled. It is “infinitely reusable” as long as it maintains its purity.

Companies such as Redwood Materials, headquartered in neighboring Nevada, Wyoming, are showcasing how EV batteries can be sustainable. Redwood will dismantle the battery into its key components and sell it back to the manufacturer for reuse, he said. The company has raised $792 million since its inception in July 2017, according to Crunchbase data.

Even if Wyoming’s bill moves forward, the sales impact automakers face will be minimal. A Wyoming car buyer said he only bought 228 EVs in his first 11 months of 2022. This is the latest timeframe Experian has data for. That’s his second-lowest total in the state, according to the data. Only North Dakota, with 213 EV sales, has fewer.

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